Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This Christmas Aaron and I went to Saint George to be with his family for the holidays. While it had rained for a week straight in California the whole week before Christmas I thought finally St. George it will be nice and sunny. NOT. It was raining there just as much as it was in CA. Nevertheless, we always still have fun. We always seem to go on some sort of hike...

The End of Two Thousand and Ten...

First off... FOOD...

During the holidays, I hate it because I honestly just can't stop eating all the amazing food. I'm pretty sure I would be at least 30 lbs. heavier if I didn't work out.

So I made a chocolate souffle, and well it sure looked pretty, it wasn't my cup of tea. I debated whether I should make a cakey or mousse type souffle and I ended up going with the mousse and I don't even know why! It definitely tested my baking skills and looking at the the recipe I was intimidated, but we move on and try to do the best we can. So I did just that. When I was about 14 years old I remember going on a little trip to Palm Springs with my best friend and her parents. They took us to Morton's one night and for dessert we ordered the chocolate souffle. It was amazing, and obviously to this day I have remembered eating that souffle. Therefore, I tried to make it! I think the main reason it didn't taste as good as I remembered was because I need the sweet cream to go with it. I believe that is an essential to a souffle especially a mousse one. 

So here is what it looked like... not to shabby... I should have taken a picture with the chocolate drizzle and powder sugar on it... o well!


Garlic Edamame - It's delicious and must when you go there, there was also sweet potato fries with soy flavored dipping sauce and it was all gone by the time I could get a picture of it... boo

One of the best deserts I have ever had... HONEY BREAD! Inside the bread is cubes of bread from the inside baked with butter and honey all of it! Omgsh I can't tell you how good this desert is. The hardest part is trying not to get full from main the meal so you can eat this!!

Tokyo table is located in Irvine and anytime you want to go, I will more than gladly go with you!