Thursday, August 19, 2010

Black flatts

At the beginning of each season I almost always get a new pair of black flats. I just believe they should be essential in a woman's shoe collection. I wear them out so much, that usually after 3 or 4 months I badly need new ones. So this time I just decided to get a plain black pair that didn't cost as much, and add my own touch to them. I thought about adding a frilly flower, a bow, or mix of some stones. But I decided to go with buttons and I sawed off the back and glued them on there. They're still pretty simple but now they have a little something to spice it up. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Harvesting the Heart

She is one of my favorite authors because I feel like every time I read her books I am learning things about myself and preparing myself for the future situations I will be placed in. This book is about a young women who is raised by her father because her mom ran away when she was 5 years old. When she graduates high school she runs away to New York because of an abortion. She manages to find a job and a place to live. She meets a young man who is doctor and they eventually they get married and have a baby, but can she be a mother when her own mother left her when she was only 5? She has never had a mother figure in her life and has no idea what to do. She debates whether or not she will be like her own mom and run away or be able to handle the stresses of a new mother.

This book tells about the hard work of mother hood and handeling the situation when the baby finally arrives. What it was like for her, and constant up and downs she went through and how to keep fighting no matter what.

Next book by Jodi Picoult that I'm reading is "Handle with Care"

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hike the Narrows

So this is most of the group, but we went and hiked The Narrows and Zions National Park. It was so much fun! We woke up early and headed out there, hoping that it would stay cool as we hiked, which is did. 

We had a really fun group, and we all kind of just hiked at our paces.

This was at the beginning while we were on our way being shuttled. And of course Michael with his dill pickeled seeds. (Ewww)

It was honestly very beautiful, and the scenery was fantasic! 

I think this picture is so funny. Nice mustache Michael.

I took the higher ground, obviously. 

We did this in so many places. We didn't let anything get in the way of us going further. There was a point where I couldn't take my camera any farther because we had to start swimming. If only I had gotten pictures of what we went through after that! It was so much fun, and we definitley had a few falls but everyone was fine. This is one of my favorite hikes and we would have kept going and going except Lee noticed that we were in a flashflood zone and we saw some clouds over head and decided to turn around and head back. Later that day 3 people were caught in a flashflood that dropped them over 60ft. They were air lifted to the hospital and in critcal condition. Thanks Lee! You saved us!!!

The End

Little kids in Saint George

She is so dang cute! KJ, Brittany and Michael's little girl is adorable.

And then there is Ty. He's smart and man does he know how to smile! 

This is Ty and his little cousin Daia. They had so much fun together, and they loved posing for pictures.

The Fair

We went to the fair and it was pretty dang good. There were a ton of people, and tons of things to keep yourself and your money busy for a while. There were concerts in every corner and some weird and crazy people too. Of course there is the fair food, which I wasn't really impressed. Maybe I just missed that section, but I expected a lot more variety. Yes, they had the basics but where are the crazy, most fattening things you can eat. Isn't that what it's all about! Still, overall it was pretty good and I would go again. 

This elaphant was so well trained, except that I felt bad that it has to walk around in circles all day. I named her Lola and she took a walk around the circle and then when she got to a certain point she would raise her nose (pictured above) and pose for the camera. They are so dang smart.

This was a family run magic show, but it was pretty cool.

These girls were CRAZY! Do you see what is going on here?! They are both on roller skates and one of them is skating around on the podium in circles while the other one is strapped around the girls neck who is doing circles. The girl that is flying around is also spinning in circles at the same time the girl is skating in circles on this little 5x6 podium. Like I said... CRAZY!

Of course farm animals have to be at the fair!

A little Hike

We like to hike. This time we took K2 with us. It was a pretty good hike. I see a steep hill and of course I'm like we have to go up that. It was so steep poor K2 had a hard time because it was long too. Aaron picked her up half way and carried her the rest of the way because we were kind of just dragging her. It was beautiful and green and a cool day so it wasn't too hot.

I love you babe.