Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2013 In A Glimpse

Yeah I haven't blogged since February and now it's December  haha now January. Life happens. It's chaos. And things like my blog get put on the back burner until I can finally catch up with everything which honestly is never. The list is never ending but that's okay I like to be busy! So here is 2013 in a nut shell... see how long it takes you to scroll through my post and that's how fast it went by! Just like that! Seriously!

1. I had a baby. Just three days after we picked up George I went into labor. I was induced. Yes I did drive my self to the airport no I mean the hospital ha, Aaron met me there. I had the whole labor and delivery to myself and as soon as I was induced I got the epidural. From the minute I walked into the hospital to delivery it was 2.5 hours. It went by fast and it was amazing and it was FAST! I pushed only a couple of times and she was here :) Kennedy Attig... Ooo WAIT! I changed her name after a week later to Emma :) Emma Attig. My Doctor was great and so were the nurses. Vera's reaction to Emma was literally shock. She kept looking at Emma and then at me not completely understanding what just happened. It took her a few months to get adjusted and not wanting to scratch poor Emma's face off. Now she is the best big sister. Emma was born on February 20, 2013. She weighed 7.8 pounds and measured 19.5 in long. She is perfect. 
2. My Brother Maverick got called to serve in the Provo, UT mission. My family met in St. George so that we could go through the temple with him. It was a great day. I can't even explain how amazing it is to watch some one grow spiritually. To see the progress they have made with in such a short time when they are committed to Lord and doing his work. He is truly such an example to me and I miss him so much. We did go to Provo for 4th of July and saw him in the parade! We were able to see him afterward for a short time and I had never seen anyone so happy. He literally couldn't stop smiling and he had a glow about him that kept you smiling too. It made me cry... He writes THE BEST letters. No body knew he was an amazing writer until he started writing us from his mission. It was the most organized, well written, funniest letters I have ever read. I look forward to each one, and can always count on getting a little nugget of gold from his words. He's so sweet and absolutely hilarious can you tell I really miss him :)
3. Emma's Baby Blessing was the same weekend as Maverick going into the temple so it was an event filled weekend! We also took some Chytraus family pictures. It was busy! We had Emma's blessing at four weeks after she was born. So in some of the pictures (most!) I'm so tired hah. Aaron did a great job blessing her we were able to record it on one of our phones. Technology is amazing. Sweet Emma is growing so fast in two months she will be ONE! Makes me so sad. 
4. Spring/Summer Random Pictures: We were in St. George for the summer and it basically consisted of going to the Splash pad and Swig everyday :) I miss summer, especially with these guys!
5. We went to Maui in June with my family. As always it's never a disappointment! On the second day we were out playing golf and I ran over my phone with the golf cart... it was brand new, it didn't bother me... I was on vacation!! We had so much fun just soaking up the sun, enjoying the warm water, jumping off black rock (which I did too!), eating delicious food, getting a tan (no joke I looked like a ghost!), and spending time with family! Vera couldn't get enough of the water, I think her favorite part was Aaron helping her catch the waves, she laughed the whole time :) My favorite things we did was play golf of course, we got up real early like 3 or 4am and drove up Haleakala volcano to see the sunrise! It was about 10-30 seconds of the most vibrant and most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen! For me it was definitely worth the it! O! and we went spear fishing! It was HARD. I loved it but it was hard. By the end I couldn't believe how far out from the coast line we were and I would panic a little and then, well the only other thing to do was to put my head down in the water and start swimming for shore. I was also freezing at the end, which was weird because I was fine the whole time and then it hit me like a rock. I personally didn't get any fish because I'm pretty sure every one I went for was miraculously saved! no joke! And all the fish that taste the best are the fastest ones! The pretty fish are not ideal to eat and they are the easy ones to get, but no sense in trying to get a fish if it doesn't taste good! But in the end I didn't have to worry about getting some fresh sushi because other than than the photographer we were the only girls and the men didn't come home empty handed! We seem to be ending our family vacation in Maui by sealing it up with dinner and Mama's Fish House (Yumm) and the sunset is amazing and you will see our complete fail at a family picture :) Mahalo nui loa Dad and Joy for a great time!!!
6. In the middle of August we decided to move to California for a job that Aaron accepted in San Ramon. We rented out our home and a few weeks later we were on our way. Aaron had training across the country and so we (the girls, George, and I) drove to Southern California and stayed with my mom for the month of September. Thanks mom for putting up with all the craziness :) Then we headed up to the bay area at the beginning of October and moved into our new home! We love the area, the community, and especially the people :) 

7. Halloween! Was crazy! Aaron was out of town... thank goodness some friends asked me to go with them or else it would have been harder to take care of Vera when she face planted walking up the stairs! Thank goodness for friends! We still had fun and Vera loved getting candy. She tried to eat the candy as it came, but it was coming so fast she couldn't keep up. And I didn't stop her because as soon as I put her to bed that night I gave the candy back to the kids coming to our door :)
8. This Thanksgiving we spent at home. My family came out the weekend before and sadly we took no pictures but that's because we were busy having too much fun ;) ... Then Aaron's mom and her family came to eat turkey with us. It was my first time cooking for Thanksgiving and everything turned out perfect. But next year I will need to do a test run of a few recipes so I'm not worrying the whole time. I decided to cook my 14.5 lb. turkey for an hour and half at 500 degrees, no basting, no stuffing, just clean up the turkey set it on the rack. At the end of an hour and half I pulled it out and let it sit for about an hour. I was so worried because my meat thermometer broke! But when the moment of truth came it was perfect. It was juicy. And it was good. As I cut the turkey you could see it watering to be eat! I was so HAPPY!!! I also made a cornbread stuffing with mushrooms, linguisha, granny smith apples, etc... this was my favorite dish. We had ruth chris sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, cream corn. It was a feast. Thank goodness I just got a Costco pumpkin pie because we didn't even make it to that! I love to cook and I'm thankful for that love because I just love food so much haha...
And there you have it, that about sums up our year except Christmas! Aaron and I could not be more grateful for the blessings that have come into our life this year. We feel so blessed.