Friday, September 30, 2011

Relief Society Broadcast

The Relief Society broadcast is done annually across the world to the sisters. This talk given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf was one of my favorites. Although, I really like almost all of his messages :) He ties it in with the pretty little blue flower called, Forget me not. The message and stories that go along with it are great, and if you didn't get a chance to watch it (like me!) you can click HERE and read it.  

1. Forget not to be patient with yourself- It is part of your mortal experience that you do have weaknesses.
2. Forget not the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice- An acceptable sacrifice is when we give up something good for something of far greater worth. 
3. Forget not to be happy now- Never stop striving for the best that is within you. Never stop hoping for all of the righteous desires of your heart. But don’t close your eyes and hearts to the simple and elegant beauties of each day’s ordinary moments that make up a rich, well-lived life.
4. Forget not the "why" of the gospel- While understanding the “what” and the “how” of the gospel is necessary, the eternal fire and majesty of the gospel springs from the “why.” When we understand why our Heavenly Father has given us this pattern for living, when we remember why we committed to making it a foundational part of our lives, the gospel ceases to become a burden and, instead, becomes a joy and a delight. It becomes precious and sweet.
5. Forget not that the Lord loves you- You are not forgotten.

Sisters, there is something inspiring and sublime about the little forget-me-not flower. I hope it will be a symbol of the little things that make your lives joyful and sweet. Please never forget that you must be patient and compassionate with yourselves, that some sacrifices are better than others, that you need not wait for a golden ticket to be happy. Please never forget that the “why” of the gospel of Jesus Christ will inspire and uplift you. And never forget that your Heavenly Father knows, loves, and cherishes you.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011



Saturday, September 24, 2011

1 Month!

REALLY! I can't believe one month has already come and gone. All I can say is it's going by way too fast and she's growing too fast. We just love her so much!  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Haha the first time we introduced the binkie she liked this one the best at first, it was so funny!

The last 3 weeks have been insane to say the least, but good at the same time. I’m not kidding I think Vera has bottomless stomach! All she wants to do is eat, and I have gone through all the different scenarios in my head about what I could do to make her last longer, etc. In the end I can’t get myself to come through on any of them because well it’s not that bad and it’s just too darn good for her if I feed her.

What I am most surprised about is how naturally everything comes. From the actual process of having a baby to feeding to loving to everything. I honestly never saw myself as a young mom growing up or even while I was married, but I am so happy I am because my recovery has been so fast. I might be a bit crazy for taking her out of the house at only a few days old but I sorta have this idea that babies who are isolated tend to get sicker more, etc. because they have gone so long not being exposed that their immune system has a harder time catching up… I am probably not making any sense! But they do say a breast fed baby is immune to much more and has a lot harder time getting sick so I feel pretty confident in that.

The thing I have had the hardest time with is sleeping when she sleeps. At the beginning it was hard because like most I just felt like I had a lot of other things to catch up on. So then I made it a little more realistic and started with trying to sleep at least once while she slept. I have to say that works pretty well and I always try to catch her longest naptime too J

The thing that makes everything better when I’m a little peeved that she is crying and won’t feed, and has a clean diaper and there is nothing wrong is when she calms down for a second and smiles for a brief second and it’s so dang cute that I forget being frusterated and everything is fine. I wonder every time though when that happens, what the reason was for her smile…

Whyy??!! How is it possible that you have this burp cloth on you for the sole purpose so they can burp on it and she always misses it and gets it on me! I laugh thinking of the many times and times to come where I think the cloth is on perfect and she'll get on the cloth and then within a second she moves her head one way and bam it's all over me and down my shirt!

Anyway, I’m sure there is lots that I am forgetting to write, but it’s been hard trying to blog because we don’t have the Internet yet (comes Friday!) and it’s just been so crazy! We haven’t had the Internet for 3 weeks and I must say it has been really nice. Instead of being on pinterest when I’m bored or have down time, I have been reading a lot more and I really like it… Aaron likes it more, he’s a reading machine and he likes it when I sit on the couch with him and read too.

This is a picture of Vera in her ducky onezie that we love, plus her insane amount of hair! Next week, I am going to do a photo roll of how much and how fast she has changed! So sad, but so exciting! 
My lovely friend Lauren makes these adorable headbands... I love it!!

Birthday Boy!

It was Aaron’s Birthday on the 31st of August which is exactly 1 week from Vera’s. He turned 27, which I only write because he forgets how old he is and then were sitting there doing the math to make sure I’m right! We had a good time going out to dinner, hanging out with both our families, going to the beach, etc. I’m sad I didn’t take more pictures, it’s kind of hard to hold a feeding baby and take pictures at the same time! But I’ve gotten really good at using one hand and even my foot hah to help me out, so I’m sure in due time I’ll be able to master that task. Aaron is so dang cute with Vera, he’s so big compared to her. It’s especially cute when she cuddles up to him and he’s so gentle. I sure love him, you’re pretty darn amazing sweetie <3