Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things we WILL to do this Christmas!!

Well, it got out of order, so I guess there is no particular order now... I love the holidays, they are honestly one of the best times of the year.

1. Family. I love all of my family so much and I can't wait to see them(both sides) :)<3>

2. Newport Beach Temple. I haven't been in forever and I miss it!
3. DISNEYLAND!!!!!!! Happiest place on earth :D
4. Carlsbad. My grandma. She is the best, I love visiting her. 5. Laguna Beach, I love the atmosphere of this place, it has been good to me
6. South Coast Plaza. I absolutely have to go here every Christmas. The decorations are amazing!
7. Fashion Island. Look at that tree! It's amazing, another tradition I always have to do!
8. Amelia Island. I think I have been here once, but I don't remember. I just know I want to go there.
9. Shopping. I know the town center in Jacksonville, Fl is one of the many I will be going to!
10. The Birdhouse. My Aunt and Uncle live here and we can't wait to visit them and play Wii Mario Kart against my Uncle Doug!!
11. Downtown Saint Augustine. This is the oldest city in the United States! It's very quaint, and beautiful.

12. Golf/Tennis. I can't wait for this! Utah is not an ideal place to play golf in the winter, but I wish it was. I love going home to Florida, the warm weather... today it was 80 degrees!!! I know right, I wish I was already there soaking up the sun.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Date Night!!!

Aaron and Mercedes :)

Date night we headed up to Salt Lake to see the Temple Lights. I must say some of those huge trees where they wrapped lights around every branch was amazing! But boy was it cold that night...burrr... we must have been out there walking the grounds for about 15-20min and my toes were numb and frozen. I thought I was well prepared for the chilly night, but I guess not.

Scott and Oakley <3

We then headed over to a place called Hatches' Family Chocolate, located about 2 minutes east of the temple. Aaron had suggested this place, convincing us that they had some of the best hot chocolate ever! And well for a whopping $5 it better be! A small quaint place, packed with a ton of people... As we sat there waiting there were little people working and running around making the hot chocolate and taking orders, I must say for a Christmas atmosphere it was like I was in the North Pole. We got our hot chocolate and it was definitely I think the best I've had, I would say it's worth the 5$. So if you get a chance look up the place and go!

Casey and Ashley... they are so precious

We then headed back to our friend Scott and Oakley's house and did a craft. I love crafts! We made Christmas frames! We bought plain wood frames from Michael's for like $1.50 and then I had some Christmas scrap book paper and some modge podge and whaabamm! A cute frame, I actually really liked how they turned out. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Oakley's and Ashley's there's was really cute!

My Frame!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Beginning

We're the Attig's. We have been married for 5 months now, and we love it! So I used to have my own blog, that didn't work out so well, I did only 1 blog the whole time I had it. Now I have a goal and I'm going to be consistent with this. I have to keep some record of our life together! Anyway...

This blog is to get to know us... hahah :)

We love playing sports, really competitive, both our favorite colors are green, currently love BYU creamery ice cream (peanut butter cup), Aaron loves to tickle me (I hate it), I also really don't like the cold!!!! we love hanging out with friends, especially some dodge ball and game nights... my favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, Aaron's is Harry Potter :) O! and we love good food... yummm! Mexican, Italian, Indian, American, basically anything haha I just don't like shrimp though. I love painting my nails, we like working out, I'm taking a tennis and ski class this semester, so excited... maybe I'll like the snow a little bit more. We love hanging out with our families and can't wait to see them for the holidays. My grandma sends us reindeer meat, Aaron loves it, haha... we're always listening to John Mayer, he's one of favorites. I love peonys, they are my favorite flowers ever!! and not to brag, but were pretty good at mario kart on the wii :)haha