Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Working out... what's that?

Okay, so working out... I don't even know what that means anymore! For me it's so sad because I have always been such an active person. I mean I always had something that kept me active like soccer and golf (don't laugh we actually worked out pretty hard!). Now I've gone through the whole pregnancy and since then I have only gone to workout once! At exactly 6 weeks from having Vera I got dressed for a run in the rain while Aaron watched Vera for a little bit. It felt like I was gone forever, or more that it felt like I had run for 45 minutes... but lets be honest I only made it 20 minutes. I feel confident enough that I would say I have pretty good endurance and add a pinch of competition no matter the circumstances and I will always try my hardest to win! Even if it's just a lame interval cardio run and there is no 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. In my mind we're competing. haha. Secretly, though I just keep that to myself while running. The other thing  about running is that if you need a partner I'm great to have, hhaha I gauge how long the run is and can set a pretty good pace. Basically, I need someone to run with. So if you need to run to, then pick me! But in the mean time I'm going to try this at home workout that I saw on Pinterest (hahahah I know). The hardest part about this is actually doing it. Therefore, my moto for this venture will simply be...
You can't achieve your goals without discipline 
How true is that! That applies to anything and everything you want to do. So I'm literally going to write this moto on a piece of paper and post it on the mirror in my bathroom and motivate myself to do this! I'm already overwhelmed thinking about it. sigh. deep breathe. smile. okay, I think I'm ready and since my husband never reads my blog I can tell you that I'm secretly going to workout while he's at work and will see if he notices! And no, this isn't so I can cop out of my workout. And you're probably wondering, well won't he know when you put the moto up in you're bathroom? Nope, because it simply applies to several other things which I'm trying to accomplish, which you will also see in the near future :) I'll keep you updated (more like myself, since no one reads this...) so I can't held accountable. Wish me luck as tomorrow is the first day on my path to getting a body back! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

One of our favorite walks :) (Plus a few catchup posts!)

This is Castaways Park/Trail... It goes along the back bay in Newport. Really pretty and if you get a chance try and go take a stroll it's quite pretty!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Blessing

This past weekend we blessed Vera and it was pretty great... meaning that she didn't cry while being blessed (thank goodness)... I was nervous for Aaron, I'm not sure why and I was worried that she would be screaming during the blessing and that I wouldn't get to hear any of it!

So the most interesting/neat part about this whole thing was that Vera is wearing the same blessing dress I was blessed in and on top of that the same building/ward I was blessed in! It was kinda special :)  haha... Anyway, we are so thankful for the people who could be there it was great to have guys!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A weekend with tons of pictures!

So this weekend we had family come in town and my dad let me borrow his camera and so of course I took advantage of his amazing camera and took lots of pictures of Vera ;)

We went to dinner at the Vichkov's and Barker's and Valerie made this amazing pumpkin bowl! Honestly, it was amazing Aaron and I loved it and from now on will make it a Fall tradition! 

Went to coloro me mine and met my moms friends there so they could meet Vera! And Vera loved them she talked up a storm to them and smiled and did all of her little tricks ;) Vera was lovin Nan!
We woke up early Saturday morning and Aaron and some of his friends went down to the beach, I met them there and tried to get some photos... I love taking photos in the morning!


I almost forgot about Halloween, but that's okay it's probably my favorite holiday even though I am horrible at dressing up! I think I just love Halloween because it's my favorite time of the year. We took Vera to the pumpkin patch, basically just for pictures, but turns out Vera doesn't like pumpkins as indicated by the picture below ;) But we had fun and met our friends the Vichkov's there. They have a beautiful little girl Valentina. Her and Vera are gonna be best friends I mean how many other people do you meet thats first name starts with V!

Anyway, of course we wait to last minute to figure out a costume and I was going to be a witch and Vera was going to be a mummie but then Aaron decided to be a hobo so we decided to all go as hobos...hah... My friend Karly and I threw a Halloween party, she took pictures so click HERE to see more!


October just went by too fast! I can hardly believe it's already November and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. So because it felt like there was absolutely no time to blog I am clumping all of October into this one post, hopefully this isn't a trend.

First off, my cute friend Karly and I made these super cute wreaths one night and I thought they turned out so well! Of course our inspiration came from none other than Pinterest :)

Next, I went to UTAH! I love utah in the fall it's just so dang pretty, I was lucky I got to go. I got to take Vera to temple square, visit friends... I am SOOOO mad because I didn't even get a photo with my cute Oakley and Lauren :(

My mom comes over for dinner every once and a while and Vera seems to always want to talk to my mom, but I caught a few good pictures too :)

Most of the time I only post pictures of Vera being an angel and perfect... But she does cry and this time it happened while I was taking pictures, I think she was getting sick of the flash going off every few seconds and so she got mad me... and since I usually never have my camera on hand when she cries, I decided to sieze the moment and take some because it is sometimes cute and funny when they cry.

Next, I went to the MART with the Kirkland/Anderson women and it was so fun to go! 13 floors of sample sales and little Vera slept the whole time until the end...

We then went  to go and see our friends the Lowes... and they have the most adorable little boy Danny ever!! I'm pretty sure he already has tons of little girlfriends that want to marry him and what the heck lets add Vera to the long list :) But they sure do look cute together :)