Monday, February 18, 2013

Our puppy GEORGE!

We got a PUPPY! His name is GEORGE! Yeah we're crazy... haha... We were actually supposed to get a puppy in December and had picked out the dog and everything and then 2 DAYS! before we were supposed to go pick him up they called us and told us they had to put our puppy down due to an incurable, painful disease :( Sooo the next litter wasn't available tell now! And that is the reason why we got a puppy and a new baby coming sometime this week within the same week! It seems crazy but it's really been good. He is probably the best puppy we could have gotten. He has yet to whine or cry and he is basically potty trained now. He hates his leash which has been fine, since when we take him on his walks he never leaves our side. He's very smart, but we are trying to teach him that Vera isn't another pup he can nip at and I think that has been the hardest part hah... Vera is so funny with him she loves to play too but when George does something she doesn't like she gets mad at him and yells NO NO! and then rambles on. He is going to be soooo big! We love him! Ooo and he is a German Shepherd...

Ashbash's Baby Shower

The first weekend in February we drove up to Provo to visit some friends and I threw a baby shower for this adorable babe. She is having a boy which Aaron and I couldn't be more excited about hahaha so that we can arrange one of our daughter's to their son. See the salad, sandwiches, and cupcakes... All to die for!! I have been craving one of those sandwiches since I left. We had a little photo booth action going on and everyone was so cute! I think we all had a great time and Ash got some awesome presents! Love you, can't wait for baby Chase!

Girls Weekend in California

Sometime in the middle of January Vera and I took a quick weekend trip to California to meet up with my sister Chanel who was coming from AZ and to hang out with my mom. Of course it was the most perfect weathered weekend and every time I see these pictures I just miss this place even more. We spent our day at the beach and it was perfection. I think we could all agree that it couldn't have been better. At this point in my pregnancy I was 36 weeks, props to Chanel for taking some pretty good pictures of me. Thanks mom for having us for the weekend, we had a great time :)