Saturday, January 5, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe the holidays have come and gone and it is already a new year???!! Nope, I can't! It just went by so blazing fast I don't even think I had a chance to blink... In case we missed you here was our Christmas card for 2012!! E-mail me your address for next year!

We had a nice Christmas with Aaron's family and cooked tamalies for Chistmas dinner. Which we then proceeded to eat for the next two days because we had made so much!! haha

We also got to have a little reunion with our awesome friends that we used to live by in Newport...The Barker's left sunny California shortly before us to North Carolina and then us to Utah and The Garcia's are still enjoying the perfect weather :) We loved seeing each other again and seeing one another's kid. These are the first fruits for all of us and these are the first kiddos we really got to know and we consider them family! Makes us sad that as of now they can't play with each other everyday! Haha! But we loved seeing you guys and seeing Annie and Will I almost got teary eyed wishing you guys were closer for Aaron, Vera, and me! That must be the pregnancy emotional side haha. And of course when taking pictures with kids you can never get everyone looking at the same time!!
We managed to get a picture of Will and Vera giving each other a kiss if that's what you want to call this haha...Is it bad that I did not mind this one bit?! No! Okay good because we adore little Will and I love watching them grow together :)
And this year with the Attig's this is how 2012 ended/started...a DANCE party!! That was actually supposed to be a joke on Margaret. We told her that everyone had to do a 20 second dance routine and the joke was that she would go first and then everyone else WOULDN'T do a dance... We're badddddd! But can you believe it she did it!! Well then we started laughing and we couldn't help ourselves and we all started dancing in the living room and had a dance party! It was a lot of fun mostly because we're all really good dances ;) Bahhhahah that is a joke! Anyway, Happy New Year!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

My Mom came to visit!!!!

My Mom and Bob came to visit us the weekend before Christmas and we had such a nice time. Usually  we cook, but this time we decided we wanted to play more and go out to eat. BUT, my Mom did make some homemade hot coco for us and it was SOOOO good! In fact writing about it right now makes me  crave it... that must be the pregnant brain craving it. We relaxed and played with Vera because she is just so entertaining these days and had a good time. We decided to go to dinner and since we have reached that stage of "dare to take your kid to dinner and be miserable" we opted to drop Vera off at her cousins and let her play with the kids so we could enjoy our dinner! We went to Gun Barrel Stek and Game it had quite the hunting atmosphere, and it was a fun place to go to. We had a nice and peaceful dinner and then went to go pick up Vera and as you can see I walk in and find the kids swinging her in Grandmas scarf... haha it was funny and she was loving it. I don't think I had ever seen her this energized as she was also running around and doing somersaults!! Yesssss... I tried to get a picture but my camera died! Boo! O well I'm just glad she didn't cause any trouble :) 

This is Vera in her Christmas dress that Grandma got for her, and Vera loved it! Vera loves dresses, if you're holding one and she see's it she wants to put it on no matter what. The hardest part is trying to get a picture of her cute dresses and getting them to be still for just a sec!! Thanks Mom and Bob for coming out to see us we loved having you guys!