Wednesday, February 26, 2014

January came and went...

January. We drove down to Big Sur and Monterey for New Years. We wanted to see some redwoods and some beach. The drive is beautiful and we couldn't get enough of the picturesque landscape. We had so much fun and as you can tell we bring George everywhere with us. He loves the beach too. We also hit up the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Vera loved it and Aaron liked the sea otters. I expected it to be better and was a little disappointed but that doesn't really matter as along as the girls loved it. 
We also hit up San Francisco one weekend and did some touristy things like the Golden Gate Bridge. We then headed over to fisherman's warf and ate lunch at THE CODMOTHER FISH AND CHIPS. It was amazing!!! You definitely need to hit that up if you're around that area. We love this city and we are trying to get out and see as much as possible.

The Second half of January we went down to Southern California to visit my mom and celebrate her birthday! My sister met us there and we had a great time with mom. I always love going to color me mine and just hanging out and painting. They need snack food though... ;) It was my dad's birthday too and he was there visiting at the same time and we went to dinner. Happy Birthday to us :)


December was kinda crazy and I think that's a bit of an understatement... or maybe I'm just the only one ;) Either way we just decided to stay home for the holidays since Aaron is a pretty recent hire he didn't have anytime off. We had fun though! We went to a Christmas tree farm in Half Moon Bay where we(Aaron) got to cut down our own tree! That was fun and since we were right next to the beach we couldn't pass that up because we LOVE the beach. Yes it is messy and 9 out of 10 times usually a pain but it's our thing. We loved going to Christmas Parties and hanging out with friends.