Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vera you're growing too fast!!

Vera is 4 months and we went to the doctor yesterday and lets just say she hasn't been for a while... Poor little girl had to get three shots but she took them like a champ! They also took her measurements to see where she stands. They measured Vera's hair because it's so long and they have a new chart showing hair growth, etc... Can you believe that!!! Nope! I can't because I'm just joking...hahahah
mullett alert!!
Vera is about 26 inches tall now, she weighs exactly 16 pounds, and her head circumference I forget because all I heard was... 30th percentile for head circumference and then Aaron immediately started to tease her about having a small head! Even when he came home from work he says to her... hows my baby with a small head?! Hahah we just love to play around with her though. We are having so much fun with her ad she laughs and giggles it's so cute, I'm so lucky I get to hang with this little girl everyday!

Friday, December 16, 2011

So I went shopping with some friends today to find a little christmas dress for Vera... There were so many cute things!!!! I wanted to get everything! But I didn't because... well for obvious reasons... But here is a few outfits! haze red

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Pictures...

So we just went to a trail near my mom's house and she took a few pictures... I think she got some pretty good ones, especially of Vera! Good job Mom! The third one down is my favorite of Vera! Merry Christmas!! 

Yeah and not all the pictures were perfect of us either... we tried the funny/haha shots too. hahaha

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A few things...

This post might sound like pre-new years resolution and guess what it kinda is. Except, it sorta just hit me in the past few days and instead of waiting tell the New Year I'm going to start now because why not!

So I started my work outs... and as soon as Vera went to sleep I started with a little warm-up and right at the end of my warm-up Vera woke up :/ Yes, I bet you're thinking, there's her excuse. Nope! I kept going... I got Vera, laid a blanket on the floor and put her down so she could see me. I started the work out and then realized this is way too hard to be starting at, so I improvised and kept going. Vera, started to get antsy so she became a human dumb bell, well weight. She LOVED it! haha. I would hold while working on the abs moving from side to side or up and down and she just had a smile on her face the whole time! Sometimes, I would come up and she would start to giggle a bit and then of course I would start to laugh too and lose focus. But she actually helped get me through the workout! So good job Vera! Ps. picture below, I typed in baby dumb bells and this came up! hahha

I'm sitting here on the floor in my living room in the dark because I was working on what I'm going to make this month... YES! The whole month and the time passed fast and it's already dark. Aaron is a health nut and me well I don't eat bad, but I don't eat well either. So this month, in light of the holidays and goodies at parties I'm going to at least eat as healthy as possible at home. The goal is less salts, more veggies!

Also, I've been working on several things and hopefully in the next few days I can post pictures.

Vera just woke up...