Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The family came to Provo just last week for my graduation and of course like always we have fun! We kept busy all day, running errands, packing up my house, we HAVE to get some golf in too, fun dinner, bowling, and then ice cream at the creamery to top it off! My Uncle Fred came down for dinner and bowling and he is so funny especially when my dad and him are together :)

Team Breakfast

Before I left we had one last team breakfast and it's sad to think about now that I won't see these girls/coaches everyday anymore :( They are so awesome and I loved getting to know each one. I have learned so much from being apart of this team and grown too. As we finish up  I look back at the last few yew years and I couldn't have loved my experience at BYU anymore. I hope every enjoys it and has as much fun as I did.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


This is my life story... Any tips?!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I found out it's a... GIRL :) Aaron and I have decided we're going to name her Vera...

So much has happened...

- I am finally going to be living with Aaron again!!!!!!!!! Less than a week!
- My last semester of college is 3 days away from being over (thank goodness)
- Golf is sadly, basically over... :( I love my team
- My whole family, with the exception of Gideon is flying in next weekend for my graduation!
- We had the Y Awards last week and everyone who got up and spoke either commented or joked about Jimmer... even Jimmer joked about it too... haha :)
- My dad went to Vegas so I drove down and met him there... We golfed at Bear's Best and Wolf Creek, which my dad coined it as the Magic Mountain of golf courses! You have to sign a waiver to drive the cart because it's like being on a roller coaster. We went to Capital Grill for dinner one night I ordered a lobster and it was bigger than me! But it was the best lobster I have ever eaten! Thanks dad for the fun weekend :)
- I am obsessed with PINTEREST... check it out and if you like it I'll invite you!
- I am also obsessed with shalack gel nail polish. I'm going to get my own kit so if you live in the Orange County area I will do your nails with this amazing stuff for $10, it usually cost $25 and it lasts around 3 weeks!!! If you're wondering whether or not I am good a painting nails just know that I am perfectionist
- I have a million DIY projects to do, especially from Pinterest
- I am 23 weeks prego! and I'm doing pretty good
- I am packing my place up in Provo and I don't feel stressed about it
- Does anyone have any good book recommendations????
- I went to Vegas a couple weekends ago with a huge group of girls who are all so much fun and beautiful
- I had a baby shower too! with my friends in Utah and it makes me sad that I am leaving such amazing people.
- I am going to Florida in a week and half and I am so excited to be somewhere where it's hot and warm everyday!
- Aaron and I are looking forward to being with each other again... if I didn't already say that ;)
- Here are some pictures from the last few months...