Monday, February 20, 2012

Becca's Baby Shower!!!

My amazing friend Becca is having a baby boy, well actually she delivered the day after the baby shower!  So excited for her and hubby. I threw her a little shower along with the help from a friend and her family! I hoped you liked it babe! Here are some quick pics!  I don't know why the food pics came out first but o well!

I normally don't particularly care for lemon bars, but these were delicious!
My favorite cake to make right now... everything is better with condensed milk!
Jamie brought these limeade drinks... mumm sooo good! 

And she got the Baby Jogger City Select! So excited for her to use it in action... She's gonna love it!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jeannie's Bridal Shower!

My cute friend Jeannie is getting married at the end of March and so naturally her bridesmaids threw her a bridal shower. It was so nice to see everyone and every girl at this shower is a total babe. We had food and as you can tell, it was a hit because it's basically all gone in the picture. We played a few games, opened presents, and laughed! So excited for Jeannie and her soon to be hubby, it's so awesome!!

The beautiful bride

Love is shot of Becca and Cate... haha

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bed Head Monologue...

Mommmm, why are you taking pictures of me I just woke up and my hair is everywhere and looks bad!
I am not happy with you...
Why are you giggling behind the camera?!! This is not funny!
This is because I don't sleep through the night... huh?!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vera's favorite is the beach!

Vera loves to go to the beach!!! (as long as it's not windy...) The other day we headed down to beach with our cute friend Karly and just hung out and ate acai bowls (yummm)! Plus we took a whole bunch of photos of Vera and since I don't really post mass photos on facebook, I do here! Vera will be 6 months on February 24th and time has just flown by... She loves to laugh and smile and if you haven't seen the laughing video of her which is a couple posts below, it's so cute! She has been sitting up for a while now and can roll over and crawl. We haven't put her on the bed for a while because she just goes right off! Aaron wakes up with her in the morning and then to wake me up he puts her in the bed and she crawls over to me and kicks me in the back and slobbers on my back. I turn around and she smiles at me and then stares at me letting me know she is hungry :) She's a smart little girl. When you pick her up and hold her in the air her legs start moving really fast and she runs in the air as you hold her. It is so funny. Her favorite toy is her giraffe Sophie. Her little feet hang out of the car seat now. My mom got her a new big kid car seat that fits perfect but I am in denial to think she is big enough for that already :) Her hair! Has grown tremendously fast in the last month and I just am lost for thoughts on what to do with it! Her eyes are blue. Not the same blue as my sister Chanel but more like Aaron's dad Bart blue. She likes to watch me put on my make-up. She goes to bed between 6:30 and 7 most nights and awakes around 7:30ish, but never sleeps through the night, she still wakes up a few times a night to feed. She will take a bottle but not formula, but I don't blame her that stuff tastes and smells awful! We have been giving her food! I make everything for her (not hard at all), she has had: bananas, carrots, cereal, and avocados, etc... She puts anything in her mouth and grabs everything around her so we have to be careful what she can grab! The other week we went to firehouse subs and I still had half a sand which left and she grabbed the tray and threw it on the ground! such a rookie mom mistake haha... We love her and she is so much fun!!! We say every day how lucky we are to have her <3


Vera and I flew out to Florida to surprise my dad for his Birthday! We had so much fun with them just hanging out. We enjoyed shopping, superbowl, manicures, and watching my brothers at their sports events. Also, another sweet surprise. I was looking through my baby scrap book and found this savings bond. For more than 20 years now I haven't ever really noticed it, until I was looking at it the other week and thought to my self, I'm pretty sure this is worth some money! I asked my dad about it and sure enough it was. The next day we went over to the bank. It was a $50 bond and I got just over $150 for it!! Yep it was pretty awesome! The whole trip went well and Vera did pretty dang good on the plane, no blow ups or dirty looks just seemed like I was entertaining her forever ;) Thank you for having us! We love you guys!

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Birthdayyyyyyy...

I had an awesome Birthday!! My girl friends took me out to lunch and brought these mini bundt cakes that are so delicious! It was so nice of them to get together for my birthday! I loved it!! Then for the weekend we all went with our hubby's to Joe's Crab Shack... I am never going there again for my birthday... So much fun, except they made me get all dressed up and spell Happy Birthday with my butt of course I wasn't going to do this with out my one and only by my side :) We really have such great friends!! Thanks guys and mom thanks for watching the little girl!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Laughing Vera is a happy Vera!!!