Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The beach + Prego photos

Last week Aaron calls me from work and says he wants to go to the beach, because he heard the waves were big. Well when we got there which was around 5ish they were okay and then bam! Huge waves! Aaron just got fins for boogie boarding, he says it's the only way you can boogie board. I'm glad he didn't bring his surf board because first off it barely fits in our car... haha and if you know our car you're probably still puzzled at how it fits. It was fun to watch everyone get wasted, but at the same time some guys had some pretty good runs. They would start at one end of the rocks get drifted to the next set, then get out, run back up the beach to where they previously started and then start all over again. Great workout. I haven't really taken any pregnant photos because I feel so big! But here are a few, I'm starting to look pregnant but I'm in the stage where people are thinking... is she pregnant? or wow! she gained weight!

According to the pregnancy calculator I am 27 weeks and 6 days as of today so tomorrow will be the start of 28 weeks and that will make me a week shy of 8 months... kind of crazy! A normal pregnancy is between 36-40 weeks. The 40th week lands on my due date which is August 18th.

Farmers Market... I love

Finally, a weekend to spend with Aaron!! We went to my moms soccer game in the morning and they tied, but no worries it was the last game and they had already won the league even if they lost! It was fun to watch the girls play and remember when I was their age playing and having so much fun...

Aaron and I then headed over to the Farmers Market at UCI and I love farmers market. It's like Costco except outside and the fruit is so much healthier to snack on. Plus I love love flowers, someday I will have a backyard filled with bougainvilleas and flowers everywhere. Aaron and I fell in love with a few things but we really loved this orange bougainvillea. We would have gotten it if we had a place to put it, but we will just have to wait.

Irvine Childrens Fund

The Irvine Children Fund is a program where they host events, in this case the Irvine Jr. Games to help raise money for all the local schools in Irvine. The Irvine Jr. Games brings all the Irvine Schools together for one day to host a track and field event except there are a few extras like basketball shot and soccer kick. It is a full fledged event that has been happening every year since 1986. There are more than 300 volunteers that help make this event run smoothly. This year Aaron and I along with Chanel and Cameron got to be photographers! Bob worked the data tent where all the times, etc. are collected and recorded (at least that's what I think, :). And then there is my mom who has been involved with the Irvine Jr. Games for almost the last 10 years. She has been the Chairwoman several times, but as one person said, "she is the glue that holds everyone together". It was a successful, smoothly run event in which I think everyone enjoyed, especially the kids. (ps. My mom won this mini BMW at the silent auction, so cute... little vera someday will love it :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Players Championship

The Players Championship is my favorite golf tournament to go to. I think I have gone every year for the past 5 years... TPC Sawgrass is also one of my favorite golf course to play, so if you're in the area or going to call me because I'll come and join you! Also, if you can the best time to play this course is either right before the course closes for the tournament or after... The stands usually stay up for a week and it's fun to play and imagine people in the stands watching and cheering for you!


I went out to Florida last week and had a wonderful time. I have gained a total of I think 10 pounds overall and I think it has helped my golf game A LOT, if only I had known that a couple years ago. Either way I don't think I could have put on 10 pounds if it wasn't for being pregnant. We had fun golfing, and shopping for Vera. My dad and I reorganized his office and added some decor to it, I wish I would have taken a before and after it was truly an amazing transformation. I am organizer and the opposite of a pack rack. My rule of thumb is one year, if I haven't used it in the past year...goodbye! At first it wasn't as easy as it sounds, but over the past years I have found it be a good rule of thumb. That's what I did with my dad, we sat there and I went hold things up and ask... 1. what is this? 2. how old is it? 3. when was the last time you used this? My dad seems to have accumulated every cable and computer gadgets you can think of! In fact now that I think about it he had Golf Digest magazines from 2007! (Yes, those are definitely gone now). His office looks amazing now but none of it could have been done without him and his willingness to sit down and plunge into it. Good job dad! We went down towards Orlando to visit my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Carter, I just love them to pieces. Debbie taught me how to make her Cinnamon rolls, which I just tired to make yesterday on my own. My biggest worry was killing the yeast! But they turned out pretty good for the first go around and I was really happy with them! Thank you Debbie for teaching me your ways. I will miss you guys so much as you go to serve in Argentina. Put us on the list Aaron says we're coming to visit!!!!!


There is nothing better than being/living with your husband when you have been living in different states for 8 months! Yes, we made it through and I would never go through that again nor recommend that alternative to anyone else. I know that I am back, loving him more than ever and it will finally feel like we can start our life together. yaya!


My Grandma Aida came down for my graduation and then spent some time in California after wards and we got to hang out and it's always nice to see and have Grandma around. One day we drove down to Carlsbad to see my other Grandma, Grandma Barbara. We had fun and enjoyed one anothers company.

Strawberry Pancakesssss

Who doesn't love strawberries?! Hah well if you don't that is just too bad for you, but I don't feel sorry for you because then that just leaves more for me :) My Mom and Bob make amazing pancakes... they use Alton Brown's Blueberry pancake recipe, except today we could not find blueberries anywhere and we went to THREE grocery stores! So I decided I would put slice up strawberries instead and I thought they turned out just as delicious. If you are ever visiting Aaron and I, we will be making these for you. I am bummed that I didn't take any pictures but I recently also just made a creme brulee french toast... it turned out pretty good and I was surprised and how good it was.

Graduation... Finally!!!

I can't believe the past four years has come and gone in whirlwind. At the beginning it was tough to get started but I knew I wanted to go to college and graduate. I know that not only for me but for my children it was important to me that I graduate so they that they might think some day I know what I'm talking about (hah).

I couldn't have asked for a better experience at BYU. It was literally, so far the best time of my life. My first two years was SO much fun! If you're not from Utah, the stigma of you go to BYU and get married can be true, but honestly the only person who can determine your experience is YOU! So, when I got to BYU, I decided that I was going to have fun and be open minded about the whole "Happy Valley" culture and not be scared. I wouldn't have done it any other way. I hope that everyone could have the same experience I did and I will always love going back and visiting Utah for the great memories and great people I met while there.