Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One of my FAVORITE days with little Miss Vera

Vera. Beach. Blankets. Laugh. Smile. Cuddle. Sand. Sun. Waves. Warm. Snacks. Nap.

I think that covers it :) 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

These birds are nice to me :)

This is the screen of my phone AND every morning when I wake up the birds also form and say GOOD MORNING!!!! It really makes me smile every morning :) And the funny part is when you touch the word the birds scatter in all directions... Sometimes I try not to touch the screen because I just like seeing them there! hah


I can't believe it is 2012 Where has the time gone?!! I am so happy 2011 is done now. This year I get to start out by actually living with my husband. So many things have changed, and there is so many exciting new things to do. This time last year I was in the dreary Utah cold and now I'm in California where it's 70 degrees and in the afternoons it get's hot and I have to take off my sweat shirt :) Vera and I go walking most mornings and it's so nice to walk out and see the beach right there. I love living by the beach (sigh)... I'm going to try and start a company so please when I launch feel more than welcome to buy my product :) Hahha... For New Year's we hung out with another couple friend the Vichikov's and so sad because we didn't even get a picture together!!! We went over to the Great Park in Irvine and they had some festivities going on. Including a flame baton man. (hah)... Then we went over to BJ's got Pazookies (yummmm!) Then headed over to sushi where my family was just finishing up dinner. We went home and finished the night off dancing on the kinect to Just Dance 3!

Vera haha she's gonna naw on Cameron's finger and decide whether or not it tastes good...
Chanel, Cameron, and Mav dancing!
This is at the Great Park 

Happy New Year!!!

Christmas in a nutshell...

So this is Vera's first step in the Pacific Ocean. It was cold but she didn't even wince when the cold water hit her little feet. She badly needs a headband because sometimes she looks a little like a boy and her hair is stringy if there isn't anything it. Vera I love your long hair but I just don't know what to do with it!

I'm always trying to catch up when it comes to blogging... Booo... Anyways, Christmas was great. We stayed in California and had Christmas with my mom and Aaron's sister Holly and her little boy Michael came to visit too! The weather was amazing and we had so much fun, especially at the beach. We probably went every day!

We went to Fashion Island of course, and Vera loved looking at the fish with Aaron. It was so cute. Little Michael liked the dog that was next to him. (The dog was so cute! I want a dog!)

Okay, incase you don't know this about me I LOVE to take pictures and these pictures below were so much fun! I did NOT change them one bit with any photo editing software. It was fun to play with the sun and see how the lighting turned out. Aaron was out catching some waves, but there wasn't much...

When Aaron came in from the water I caught a few pictures of him... I sure L<3VE him :)

The End