Wednesday, September 10, 2014

June 2014

Sadly, I can barely remember what in June! Thank goodness for pictures to help remind me. We spent a lot of time going to the pool or the splash pad. We went and picked our own strawberries. The girls loved and Marge picked enough strawberries for us to make and can some jam. It was delicious. I probably take too many pictures of the girls sleeping. But I just love them. Aaron and I celebrated 5 YEARS!!! Crazy how fast time goes by. I wanted a steak, so we headed to Ruth Chris where they sprinkled our table with rose petals and enjoyed some of our favorite food. I also, lost my engagement ring down the toilet!! YES. My ring. I flushed the toilet and was pulling my pants up lol and my ring caught on my jeans perfectly and took my ring right off my finger and no joke slam dunked into the toilet and went out with the last flush :( I of course dove into the toilet reaching for my ring but it was pointless. It was gone. So then I hurried and turned off the water to the toilet and to the whole house. We took the toilet off and tried to look but that too was pointless. I called a rooter who came the next day with his camera equipment. I expected worse case scenario, which was in the sewer some where. The guy put his camera scope down and with in a minute there was my RING! 7ft from the pipe entrance! The hard part now was trying to figure out how to get it out. After 10min of trying to use a contraption on the end of the scope, which didn't work the guy was like I have a wet/dry vac in my car... 5min later I had my ring back again :) Thank goodness! I was literally distraught about it, but I mean the whole thing was so bizarre. I feel pretty lucky to have gotten it back.

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  1. You have an adorable family! Love seeing what your up to.